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Elevate Your Executive Presence

With Coach Karen Delk

Meet Karen

Talent Development Expert and C-Suite Coach

Karen is the Founder & President of Davis Delk Consulting, an executive coaching, career development, and management consulting firm, located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.


Karen works with clients like you. Building on the strengths you have, uncovering your hidden strengths, and helping you maximize your leadership brand.


Karen's expertise is in leadership, talent management, organizational design, and development. She works with organizations to transform them for sustainable growth.

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What I Specialize In...

Navigate the Organizational Landscape

Position Yourself for Senior Leadership


Enhance Your Executive Presence

Accelerate Your Career

Identify Blindspots & Hidden Talents

"I was able to work with Karen on a multitude of items, but key areas of learning and development came from understanding the AI of human resources and being able to attach work experiences and skills to my resume to be a better candidate. We also worked on the skills of interviewing via video in order to come across clear and confident in a virtual environment."

- Z. Maddox, Sales Operations Intern Bentley Motors, Ltd.

​"I had always been 'skeptical' about coaching. I coached others as a Human Resource Leader but never engaged in coaching from the coachee's perspective. You, single-handedly, completely changed my perception of coaching and its potential value and impact. Asking the difficult (and sometimes provocative) questions, challenging me to think about the pros and cons of specific outcomes, and reminding me that we cannot compartmentalize our personal and professional selves are just a few of my takeaways from our time together. I have successfully taken that experience and crafted the actions below which will take me through Q1 of 2021." 

- John T., Talent Development and HR Consultancy, Stamford, CT

"Karen provided strategic facilitation for our Board of Directors meeting. It was an extraordinary experience. Karen helped us work on our 3-year plan. We drilled down to focus on current resources and identify needed resources both internally and externally. We are now able to better craft our message, and we have developed a framework for growth. This really helped us focus our work with current and new board members.

Even though the facilitation was in October and November, the results are much longer-lasting. We continue to review progress, and it was indeed a plan for growth. We were excited to be working with Karen, and we look for her continued work with our organization."

- Gloria F., Chairperson IWWWE, 

Davis Delk Consulting has received multiple contracts from satisfied clients
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