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BE Women of Power Summit

The Women of Power Summit is a professional leadership conference designed especially for executive women of color. This event brings together over 1,500 influential corporate professionals and businesswomen from across the country.  Hosted by Black Enterprise for Mid-to Senior-level managers, C-level executives, decision-makers, HR officers, diversity officers, and professionals.

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I am honored to be part of Parvathi Kumar's recently published book, Everyday Blackness: Celebrating Exceptional Women, celebrating Black women as examples of our best selves. 

This project offers portraits and perspectives of 25 everyday Black women of all ages and backgrounds who shatter stereotypes, forge unique paths, and exemplify courage, tenacity, and resilience. The work draws viewers into the company of women who are not only accomplished and successful but caring, open, and living in Truth. The artful photographs and accompanying text remind us that we are all connected as human beings beyond the physical form, at a deeper level that cannot be seen but only felt. Parvathi felt compelled to create a positive, healing, and inspiring work in light of the countless, tragic injustices against people of color. 

The book was created collaboratively with each woman from the NJ/NY area over the last half of 2020 and has culminated in a self-published photo book.

New Beginnings with Karen Delk

Mel Parker On New Beginnings With Karen Delk - Interview 1 - Take The Limits Off

New Beginnings is a Central New Jersey Network Cable Television show that features current and relevant people, places, and topics devoted to the process of change and transformation. Karen explores topics of charting a new path, making a different life or career choice, or facing a turning point. All of these forms of change offer powerful lessons for all of us. Every moment is an opportunity to begin again with a clean slate, we can initiate change and create a new beginning

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