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Frequently asked questions

To assist you with understanding our services, we have compiled these frequently asked questions and answers below. There are undoubtedly, additional questions that you may have; please contact us to ask your question(s), and we will get an answer to you promptly.

  • What type of coaching do you offer?

    Within the domain of executive coaching, I offer several sub-categories: Leadership coaching, Executive Presence Coaching, Career Coaching, and Situational Coaching.


  • What are the benefits of coaching?

    Gain clarity, Develop vision, Develop skills and behaviors, Understand blind spots, Create a career plan, Navigate the corporate maze.


  • What type of assessments do you use?

    My philosophy is assessments are useful to help the client gain deeper understanding. Assessments and other tools can be employed at the right time when the client is ready to use them.


  • What is your coaching philosophy?

    I believe in a humanistic theory that supports that we are capable of changing our behavior with increased awareness, and with guidance, we can grow and develop into our authentic selves to utilize our gifts and talents.


  • It is expensive to hire you?

    My coaching program is broken into three separate billing installments for my clients. Coaching is an investment and we work with the client to get the coaching they need and have a flexible payment plan.


  • Does it matter where the client is located?

    No, I've worked with clients all over the world. Both the coaching and the consulting practice involves me meeting with the client and being accessible in person and electronically.

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