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What others say:

"Karen was instrumental in our organization establishing our vision, mission, and objectives. She helped us through many discussions and much dialog, keeping us on point and drawing out what was needed to get the results we wanted. She helps me identify my goals and brings clarity to my ideas. Her calm and supportive style keeps me focused to accomplish my goals. She is confident and I use her as a sounding board. I'd like to have more opportunities to take advantage of her critical thinking and creative approach to problem-solving."
- Connie D., National President, The MI Network


"I engaged Karen as my executive coach twice to help me navigate different career moves and opportunties that I wanted to pursue, and that would get me to the next level in my career.  After working with her for a little over a year and half, I have been promoted twice in the space of one year.  Karen's extensive knowledge and insight into the unwritten rules of preparing myself for the next level move in the corporate world have proven to be invaluable to me.  In addition, I have found that her high degree of emotional intelligence has been one of my favorite parts of working with her.  I find her feedback to me during our coaching sessions to always be clear and concise, and effectively helps me to manage or navigate different situations in my career development.  Moreover, her executive career coaching has helped me feel empowered to go after what I want in my career." 

- Ava B., Consumer Goods, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

"Karen provided objective feedback and this helped me during my marketing process to identify better networking opportunities to grow my business." 
- Elecia V., Health Care Atlanta, GA

"Thank you Karen! I would not have been prepared for the "process of this journey" if you had not been there for me."

- V. Simmons, Director, Project Management, Financial Services Company

"The mock interviews prepared me to articulate my strengths, but also my weaknesses. I became more comfortable, confident, and I gained insight into using appropriate body language, speaking enthusiastically, and developing transitions between my thoughts. " 
- Helen Q., Howard University College of Medicine 


"Karen helped me improve my readiness to compete effectively for business growth by setting effective short term goals."

Sandra S., Insurance Sales Detroit, MI

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