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What We Do

Davis Delk Consulting (DDC), LLC is an Executive Coaching and Management Consulting firm that offers coaching and integrated management solutions for leaders managing organizations and enterprises. 

DDC provides a host of consulting services custom designed to meet the complexities of people management and the challenges of leading an organization.  Our integrated solutions focus on the process and people.  We work collaboratively with companies to accomplish sustainable change and long-lasting improvements.


Karen is a workshop facilitator who can custom design the workshop outcomes and develop engaging and high interactive exercises for adult learning, examing behaviors, and developing routines to meet the goals.

Keynote Speaker

Karen is a sought-after speaker to corporate, higher education, or non-profit audiences with thought-provoking observations on advancing your career, enhancing your leadership skills, or increasing your executive presence.

Organizational Strategist

Karen brings a wealth of experience working inside corporate environments, providing board leadership for non-profit organizations, and consulting with executive and NGO Country Presidents on their organization's challenges and opportunities. 


Executive and Professional Coaching services are available to employees at all levels of the organization, from Individual Contributors to Senior Leaders. We offer individual, group, and peer coaching services.  Our coaching is designed to uncover the opportunities that exist for enhanced performance and productivity.  


We facilitate self-discovery through a series of assessment tools, evaluations, or interviews to increase awareness and build on existing strengths, incorporating new knowledge, skills, and experiences to prepare the employee for the next challenge. 



Individual one-to-one professional and executive coaching is an integrated development process to help employees align their goals with the business goals. Often working on areas where they need to focus differently than before. 


Group coaching is a one-to-many model, and it enables employees to connect with one another through a shared experience, where they learn together the benefits of coaching.  The focal point of group coaching is to provide insightful comments and “real-time” feedback that help the group learn from each other by making shifts in skills and behaviors and identifying new solutions to obstacles which can often be challenging to acknowledge. 


Peer coaching is a facilitated model, and it focuses on developing critical leadership capabilities necessary to be successful within organizations. Promoting a constantly evolving and dynamic culture where learning and development are embraced as the norm, and all individuals understand and actively engage in their contribution to achieving the organization’s goals.


We aim to provide innovative, high-quality services and programs that offer experiential learning, facilitate more profound understanding, and create sustainable growth and development habits.  The process we use is customized to meet the needs of the client. 


We work with leaders of people to uncover the short-term and long-term goals and objectives, identify the processes and procedures that may be part of the engagement and the desired outcome for employees and staff.  We work with people leaders to help them lead with a talent mindset.

We bring a strategic focus to our client engagements, and our goals are to bring clarity of ideas that help clients identify the opportunities and challenges they confront. 


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