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Are you part of the 29%? - Happy with your career?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

By Karen Delk

Published Friday, May 24 2019

Recently, Gallup Poll released an updated poll on employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs. As the latest results were reported, many people were shocked with the findings, 71% of the 1890 households polled were "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" from their work.

If you are looking for employment, you will read this statistic and wonder how and why those who have jobs would not be happy. They are the fortunate ones who kept their jobs in one of the worst recessions we had since the Great Depression. Do they not understand the significance of being employed with so many who unemployed?

Yes, the statistic is high, and yes, those who are employed are grateful to be working but more than likely they have more added to their job, or a good portion of aspects of the job have been outsourced, reconfigured or is new. It is not that difficult to understand that these changes have a significant impact for those who are employed. Most of us do not like change and especially change that occurs during stressful times.

After 25 years in human resources, I have counseled more than a few employees who found themselves in the same position of not liking their jobs. After experiencing a reduction in force, recessions or reorganizations, with little advanced notice employees have expressed mild disappointment to full dissatisfaction with their job. In these situation, Employees must adjust and cope with the new normal of a reconfigured job or organization, a new boss as well as the loss of colleagues or workplace friends.

How do you turn around the disengagement? Leadership. Talking to employees, listening to their responses and working together to create a culture where more employees feel empowered to bring their ideas, knowledge and interest to work. Engaging the 29% who are happy and understanding what makes them happy.

The 29% who are very satisfied have many reasons to be happy which include but are not limited to having a career direction, get along well with colleagues, get along well with their boss, know and understand their job responsibilities, feels the organizational culture is a fit. Have developed relationships at work and is comfortable with the organization's purpose.

Are you in the 29% and you are satisfied with your job? If not, figure out ways to enhance your job by working with you manager. Share ideas that can increase employee engagement. Offer to lead a staff meeting topic or department meeting. By taking the lead, your manager learns you are responsible and can take the lead on management issue and you can help resolve them. You feel empowered and your colleagues will see you in a different light.

Taking action and implementing change will increase your level of satisfaction and help others be more satisfied as well.

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