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Move your career forward

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

By Karen Delk

Published Sunday, November 18, 2021

How are you planning to move your career forward in 2022?

Are you thinking of creating personal goals for yourself in 2022? Now is a great time to reflect on what you accomplished this year and spend time setting your direction, focus, and concentration for next year. Research has shown that people who plan and execute their plans achieve their goals. Many of us create plans; we wish, hope, and dream that our desires come true.

Planning is the first step but planning alone does not make your wishes, hopes, and dreams come true. You also must execute.

If you know where you are going and how to advance your career in 2022, you can identify an accountability partner, a buddy or friend, or someone who will keep you on track. You can meet periodically to discuss your plans and the actions you have taken to implement those plans. You will begin to see your goals come not only into focus, but you will find time to devote to getting them done. This is making real progress.

For many people, figuring out how to advance your career is the real challenge. This is where an experienced coach can help. A coach will work with you to keep you focused on your goals, teach you techniques that enhance your skills, and give you the insight to turbocharge your career. If you want to understand your organization's cultural and political landscape, a coach serves as your independent and confidential resource.

Individuals who advance in organizations quickly know the importance of leveraging resources inside and outside the organization. Mentors are essential but can only go so far. A trained coach is skilled in helping you reach your goals and giving you deeper insight into yourself.

Consider your past efforts have gotten you where you are, but if you desire faster, a coach is essential.

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